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Cheapest dog insurance

Having a dog is an expensive addition to your family, with things like food, bedding, toys etc but one very important thing you shouldn’t forget about getting along with your new pet is insurance. Not all insurance will mean you having to spend a fortune every month, due o there being so many insurance policies available now you are able to compare price and policies so you can find the cheapest dog insurance cover for your pet.

The cheapest dog insurance covers are compared against each other on comparison sites, this allows you to see exactly what you are getting from one insurance policy compared to another as well as finding the cheapest dog insurance. If you already have a pet that is insured then you will more than likely be able to add your dog onto this too, which often results in getting a cheaper price as many companies will offer you a discount for having out more than one animal insured with them. Another way of benefiting from discount and getting the cheapest dog insurance if by buying your insurance online, nearly if not all of insurance companies will offer an online discount, for example Asda offer 10&, Tesco offer 33%, Homebase offer 10% ad Sainsbury’s offer 20%. Companies that don’t offer online discount are LVE, the Post office, pdsa, Pet guard insurance and Debenhams.

Some examples of how much you are able to claim for vet fees with the cheaper levels of dog insurance are; with Sainsbury’s you can get up to £7,500, the AA offer £5,000, Virgin offer £6,000, as do Asda, the Post office allow you to claim up to £5,000 as do LVE and with Tesco you can get up to £4,000. Although how much you can claim for to go towards vets fees is important, this shouldn’t be the deal breaker for you, as in some cases getting more towards vet fees can limit the amount that you get for other areas. Other aspects that you should look for a policy to cover are; quarantine costs, money if your dog gets stolen/goes missing, money towards advertising for this, death from illness or from an accident. Things that are likely to be covered by cheaper policies are third liability costs, travelling aboard, emergency housing costs or holiday cancellation costs.