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Dog liability insurance

Dog liability insurance will cover you if your dog in anyway damages someone else’s property, this includes if your dog is hit by a car and they damage the car in some way, liability insurance will cover for this. Getting dog liability insurance is a particularly good idea if your dog is from a breed that is known for having an aggressive side to them, these breeds often include;  Pit Balls, Great Danes, Akitas and German Shepherds. If your dog has been aggressive in the past, this being if they have attacked then some dog liability insurance companies might not cover them, a lot of the companies won’t cover certain breeds, some example the wont insure any dogs listed under the Dangerous Dog Act.

Dog liability insurance tends to be included within standard pet insurance policies on a whole, so you shouldn’t need to look for it in addition to looking for an insurance policy. Although it is normally included you should always double check that you are covered for any third liability costs and you should also check how much you are covered for. Liability costs can become particularly messy if you are lucky enough to have to face such a situation, having dog liability insurance will back your financially if your dog harms or attacks some as well as being responsible for damaging someone’s property.

When it comes to finding dog liability insurance you are likely to find in most circumstances that you are only covered for liability costs when taking out the more expensive levels of insurance. Unfortunately this will mean that you have to play more a month but it is more than worth paying a bit extra month rather than finding yourself in a situation when you have to pay out a fortune because your dog has been involved in an accident harming someone else.