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Insurance for dogs

Insurance for dogs is one of the first things you should do when taking on a new dog, whatever age they are. Dogs are excitable animals and like to go out exploring so you can’t always keep them in the house away from harm, so having a good cover over them is the best thing you can do. Insurance for dogs will also cover them for illnesses too.

From taking out a basic insurance for dogs with companies like Asda will cost from as little as £7.35 and includes; up to £1,500 per condition for vets fees for 12 months, £200 if you pet dies from an illness and the same amount if they die from an accident, £150 for quarantine fees, £200 if they go missing/stolen, a month’s overseas travel and £150 for any emergency costs whilst aboard. With that policy you are getting pretty much everything included at a great price at their value level, you can pay £10.91 on their premium policy and receive; £6,000 per condition for vets fees without a time limit, £1,500 if the die through illness or accident, £1,500 is they go missing/stolen, 12 months overseas cover with £1,000 emergency costs and £1,000 for quarantine costs. 

When taking out insurance for dogs you might find that some dogs aren’t covered, this includes dogs that are used for working purposes like guard dogs, fighting dogs and security dogs. Dogs that are listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act, i.e. pit bull terriers will probably not be able to be covered; this is also the same for some cross breeds. Therefore like you would when taking out any insurance you should thoroughly read through the terms and conditions to make sure that not only have you got cover for everything you want to be, but also that your dog is legible to be covered. Having good insurance in place will mean that if your pooch does every get ill or hurt you won’t need to stress about finding the money to help him, you can just them the help they need.