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Lifetime dog insurance

Lifetime dog insurance is a policy that will cover your pet for the whole of its life; this means that when or if you claim of vet’s fees, they will cover them for however long it is needed, unlike other levels of policy which tend to last only 12 months per condition. However you may find that your aren’t able to get as much of a cheap deal when it comes to taking out lifetime dog insurance, this is because not all insurance companies offer the lifetime dog insurance yet.

The market for lifetime dog insurance companies is growing after competitors have seen an increase in the popularity of the likes of Marks and Spencer who offer the lifetime policy. When trying to find a lifetime dog insurance policy it is important that you look at all the policies on offer to ensure that you are getting everything covered.

Some of the great things about lifetime dog insurance a lot of them don’t place a limit on the amount of money you can claim up to on vet’s fees. Even if they do but an amount on how much you can claim, this will be done yearly and you will be able to carry on claiming each year as they automatically renew the policy. Another great thing about lifetime dog insurance is that they will cover your dog regardless of how old they are.

For example with Marks and Spencer’s lifetime dog insurance you are covered for; vet fees toward injuries and illnesses, emergency boarding – if you are taken into hospital you pet housing for your pet will be taken care of, if they are lost/stolen – money for advertising and rewards, you also get the excess to their 24 hour help phone line. Marks and Spencer also offer their lifetime insurance on two levels, basic and premium; some examples of what you are able to get with the premium cover you get £7,000 a year for vet fees, £2,000,000 third party liability costs, £1,500 towards death from injury, £3,000 for holiday cancellation and £2,000 quarantine costs. With the standard lifetime cover some of the things you can get £4,000 a year, £1,000,000 third party costs, £600 for advertising if missing, £600 of theft or missing, with the standard level you aren’t covered for things like holiday cancellations, emergency aboard costs, quarantine costs, loss of pet passport, complimentary vet treatments etc.