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Top dog insurance

When it comes to finding the top dog insurance for your pooch you need to make sure that you get the insurance policy that suits your dog and your lifestyle. Top dog insurance will cover aspects like vets fees (up to a certain amount), death from illness, death from accident, third party liability costs, overseas costs and straying/theft costs, these are the ones that are normally covered in a basic dog insurance policy, a lot of policies also allow you to add on elements to your policy.

Top dog insurance will also allow you to claim quickly, without having to worry about the costs not being there. As soon as your pet becomes ill or has an accident then your insurance policy should be there to cover this as soon as you have reported to them, if you go with the top dog insurance companies then you are sure to find this.

One of the top dog insurance policies on offer is with Tesco’s, they offer two levels of policy; annual and lifelong. With the annual policy once you have made a claim, for example if you pet becomes ill, they will cover vet fees for up to a year after the claim is made. Whereas the lifelong policy allows you to claim and receive cover for as long is necessary, if the claim is high enough then they will allow you to claim it for the rest of your dog’s life. With Tesco’s insurance you can add on extra cover on your policy like; third party liability, this covers you if your dog has an accident and damages someone else’s property. Holiday cover; this is part of their travel scheme, this includes money for vet fees aboard, financial support if you lose your pets health certificate whilst away and also if you pet has to go into kennels due to their micro-chip not working!

Looking at different insurance companies and their policies will insure that you get the top dog insurance for your pooch; you will also be able to compare the different levels of insurance to see whether you can get away with the cheaper end of the market. Either way getting the right insurance will allow you to not have to worry about a thing and just concentrate on having fun with your dog.