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The world’s tallest dog, Giant George

Giant George is a Great Dane from Arizona who, on February 15, 2010, was officially verified by Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest dog.

George weighed in at 245 pounds and measured 43 inches from shoulder to paw and 86.61 inches from head to tail.

George beat the previous record holder - also a Great Dane - by just three inches. George was also named the tallest dog ever.

Looking after George is no easy task as you can imagine. George eats around 110 pounds of food every month and sleeps on a queen-sized bed. His size means he tends to sit on chairs like a human would.

Since being named the world’s tallest dog, George has experienced a lot of media attention. On one trip to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show, in the 'That’s Incredible' feature, George had to take a flight from Arizona to Chicago with his owner David Nasser. George took up three three seats on the plane. David said that the attention from other passengers was non-stop, with requests for photographs throughout the flight. Eventually the pilot had to tell everyone they needed their seat belts on to get them all to sit down.

As soon as he got into Chicago, George got the full superstar treatment. More people at the airport were waiting to take photos. George was collected in a limousine and had his own twin-sized mattress in the hotel. At the television studio the dog also had his own green room with special soft bedding on the floor so he could relax. There was a sign on the door asking people to leave him alone - but it didn’t work. His owner was told that Giant George was more popular than a number of the famous faces who had appeared on the show!

Sadly Giant George passed away on October 17th 2013 at the age of seven, he was just a month off his eight birthday. He passed away in his home amongst his family. His family have said they will be continuing with his charitable works.